Dadu Pipes Pvt. Ltd.
Dadu Pipes Pvt. Ltd. Dadu Pipes Pvt. Ltd.
Dadu Pipes Pvt. Ltd.
Dadu Pipes Pvt. Ltd.
Dadu Pipes Pvt. Ltd. Dadu Pipes Pvt. Ltd.Dadu Pipes Pvt. Ltd.Dadu Pipes Pvt. Ltd.Dadu Pipes Pvt. Ltd.Dadu Pipes Pvt. Ltd.
Dadu Pipes Pvt. Ltd.
Dadu Pipes Pvt. Ltd. Dadu Pipes Pvt. Ltd.
Dadu Pipes Pvt. Ltd. Dadu Pipes Pvt. Ltd.
Dadu Pipes Pvt. Ltd.

DADU PIPES is committed to total customer satisfaction. This will be achieved by providing timely, cost effective products, conforming at all times to customer expectations and continuously improving our Quality Management System. Dadu Pipes Pvt. Ltd.

- The quality manual presents general description of our policy, organization, procedure and facilities duly documented to achieve quality products, manufactured up to the required specification. The project manager is responsible for notifying the quality manager of any discrepancies between the manual and current practice so that he can action to issue the appropriate amendments. It should be recognized that manual reflects a dynamic situation, it is inevitable that it may lock the procedure current as a given point time so that discrepancies may be apparent should this occur . It must not be constructed.

- To ensure that all the materials manufactured at our works or brought out from the approved sub-vendors company with the contract requirements in all respects.

- We have been manufacturing the high endurance "DADU" brand of steel tubes & pipe from a range of 15mm (1/2") NB to 300mm(12") in black finish for the last 10 years and Tubular Poles SP 1 To SP 80

- We are a regular manufacturer of steel pipes meant for various for various applications such as Oil Natural Gas, Water Steam, Gas, Sewer Lines, Water Wells, Structurals, Mechanical, General Engineering, Idlers etc.

- We are one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of M.S Pipes and have obtained various awards for Export Promotion. We have also supplied various types of steel structures etc to various esteemed customers in public sector.

- We have a well maintained test Laboratory for carrying out all the mechanical tests, chemicals tests

- To supply materials and services of the agreed specifications and quality requirements to the customers.
- To ensure by the application of engineering technology, installation techniques and controls are safe and reliable in operation.
- To ensure when so required that installations are commissioned satisfactory on site.
- To minimize the number of defects during the procurement to final manufacturing activities and subsequently in services with the object of achieving optimum overall quality cost.
- To encourage a positive quality attitude at all activates.
- To maintain and improve quality attitude at all levels and in all activates.
- Quality Assurance shall extend to all aspects of design, manufacturing for purchasing to dispatch at site shall embrace materials fabrication processes assembling inspection and testing.
- The inspection and testing records shall be reliable and sufficiently comprehensive to ensure the accuracy of the work, including any deficiencies.
- Prompt corrective action shall be taken to overcome shortcoming or defects in design purchasing, manufacturing, erection and testing by the company or subcontractors to the company.
- The measuring used in production, inspection and test shall be calibrated at approximate intervals to establish and maintain its accuracy and records shall be kept record this .Further adequate reference standards shall be available duly certified at prescribed intervals.
- There shall be a system to ensure that bought-out items are in all respects acceptable and there shall be an established procedure for the selection of quality requirements and an effective method for early detection and correction or approval of departure.
- Item supplied from outside sources shall be subject to the Quality Control within the works of the supplier to the specified standard and order placed with suppliers shall require the vendor to notify and obtain approval for any change in the material or design of this products.
-Finished products shall be handled, stored, preserved, and packaged dispatched in such a way that the quality is unimpaired

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Black & Galvanised Steel Tubes|| ERW Steel Tubes || Square And Rectangular Hollow Sections || Swaged Type Steel Tubular Poles

Dadu Pipes Pvt. Ltd.
Dadu Pipes Pvt. Ltd. Dadu Pipes Pvt. Ltd.
Dadu Pipes Pvt. Ltd.